• Great work, as usual. These photos are so powerful, matching the shows and the band.
    I wish people would stop using their smartphones, start enjoying fully the shows, and start buying your prints.
    This tour was the best thing we (my friends and I) have lived our entire life. It’s really amazing to have some photos to go with the memories.

    I’ve said it before and will probably say it again; Architects couldn’t find a better artist than you to take these shots.

    Keep doing what you do. You’re special.

    Thank you.

    Chloé Terrasi
  • Sick photos! I admire your photographing skills.👌🏼🔥😍

  • I do love every single photo in this post.

  • Amazing photos for an amazing tour. Well done to you all.

    Eauan Green
  • Great photos. I attended the 2nd night in Manchester. It was my first time seeing The Architects. Absolutely amazing night,best concert I’ve been to. Great venue and great support acts.

    Nick Vincent

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